Best Massage Chairs for the Older Generation

Welcome to our article on the Best Massage Chairs for the Older Generation and How to Choose Them. If you are elderly, you know how getting older is accompanied by various ailments and discomforts. Nothing works better than a good massage, which is why a good massage chair is a great idea and recommended for older people.

Best Massage Chairs for the Older Generation – Introduction.

If your backache is keeping you awake at night and your hard mattress is not helping much. All you need is a good massage chair.

A good massage chair provides many health benefits and can prove to be your best friend.

You can sit, read, sleep, watch TV, and do other activities in the massage chair all the while staying comfortable and cozy. 

Massage chairs are very popular these days, with different types of massage chairs that come with various technologies and features.

In this article, I am going to discuss all the critical features that the best massage chair for the older person must incorporate.

So let’s dive in.

Best Massage Chairs for the Older Generation

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Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM- 7300

Kahuna Superior massage chair sm 7300

Kahuna is a renowned and trusted brand in the world of massage chairs. The Kahuna SM-7300 Massage chair is a state-of-the-art massage chair that is equipped with the latest massage system from acupuncture to foot massage and much more.

Compared to other superior brands, the Kahuna massage chair is pretty reasonable in price considering the SL Track 6-wheel roller system technology (which is an update from the previous 4-roller Kahuna 6800).

The SL track massage system’s specially designed technology follows the curve of your spine down to your buttocks.

This unique massage technique gives you an extended massage from your neck to your lower body.

With Hip air cell massage technology, you can enjoy a soothing massage on your aching hips and thighs.

It also comes with heating therapy, full foot, and calf massage so no need to spend money on massage sessions anymore.

The zero gravity position of this massage chair makes it stand out from others in the market. Zero gravity is the most beneficial position for massage and it is space saving too so you don’t have to worry about the space issue with this beauty.

It includes 9 different massage modes as well as a senior mode which makes it a versatile massage chair and a perfect choice for an elderly person.

The cherry on top is the acupressure points that are placed in the armrests and help circulate the blood flow in the arms and hands which maximizes the massage benefits on the whole.

The seating dimensions are wider and extended, unlike ordinary massage chairs which makes it favorable for someone as tall as 6.4” foot.

2. Shiatsu Electric Full Body Massage Chair with Heat Therapy System

Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair for Elderly People

This professional-looking shiatsu massage chair is fully convertible so you can adjust it according to your preference.

There are 4 levels of massage intensity and speed so choose the one you want and enjoy the message that will get rid of your neck stress, and back and joint aches.

The Chinese shiatsu massage system combined with the heating system offers you instant relief from tensed muscles, and fatigue and freshens up your whole body.

The air massage system includes 20 airbags in the lower part of the chair to give you a relaxing massage in the legs, thighs, and feet.

It is one of the most versatile massage systems because it includes 7 massage modes like kneading, tapping, patting, shiatsu, etc.

Equipped with an automatic body scanning mechanism, it detects the height and weight of an individual and provides you with a customized massage according to your body needs.

This massage chair is best for the elderly because it includes all the latest technologies in a decent price range.

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner

Dorel Living Padded massage chair

Dorel Padded recliner massage chair is ideal for the elderly because of the thick padded luxurious seats. Who doesn’t enjoy soft and warm seats?

It comes with two massage nodes in the back and seat, you can choose to run them both together or separately with the help of a remote.

The design and build of this massage chair are attractive. It will fit right in with your furniture. Dorel offers this massage chair in chocolate color too.

The reclining lever is easy to operate so it won’t be a hassle to lean back and relax. The chair is fully cushioned and fluffed up which is a treat for your aching legs and knees. It is also a rocking chair, just don’t put the footrest up and enjoy rocking in it.

Dorel Padded massage chair is ideal for the elderly because it is comfortable and soft like a feather. Best place to soothe your aching nerves and enjoy some relaxing massage,

The back and seat cushions are sewn in tightly so you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-arranging them again and again. ain’t nobody got time for that.

If you are looking for something durable and functional in a reasonable price range, then Dorel is an ideal choice for you.

4. Power Lift heating Massage chair with cup holders By Mcombo

Best massage chair for elderly power lifting heated

For older people with swollen legs and bad knees, Power Lift massage chairs are highly recommended.

The Mcombo power lift heating massage chair is great for those who want heat therapy as well as a massage option in one chair.

It includes 8 Vibrating nodes and a heating area placed at ideal places like hips, back, and buttock areas.

Massage and heat therapy soothes those aching muscles that are common side effects of old age.

You can manage the Power lift as well as the recliner position by remote control.

Power lift aids you in getting up if you have mobility issues like most elderly does.

What I like most about this massage chair is the premium quality leather material which is so easy to clean and comfortable to relax.

Don’t worry about stains and maintenance as it can be cleaned easily. 

This beauty comes with Two USB chargeable ports so you can easily power up your gadgets from your comfort zone.

The addition of a pocket and two handy cup holders makes this massage chair a versatile massage chair with all the necessary features.

5. AmeriGlide 325M 3 Position Lift Chair

ameriglide lift chair

Check Price Here!

AmeriGlide is a well-known brand among recliners because of its high-quality chairs. This power lift recliner is a perfect choice for the elderly who have mobility issues.

Just push a button and the power lift mechanism will help you in sitting and standing so you don’t have to depend on anyone else.

The heavy-lifting mechanism can support up to 325 lbs.

This beautiful chair will be a valuable addition to your study room, sitting room, or lounge because it is pretty pleasant looking.

Remember, this is a battery-operated recliner so exposure to any kind of fire is prohibited.

This cool and stylish recliner is pretty easy to clean thanks to easy-to-clean material. It is a saving grace for those elderly who have a hard time standing up from a chair.

Buyers Guide for Massage Chairs for the Elderly

1. Know what you need

There is a plethora of massage chairs that target different features and one can easily get confused by all the fancy terminologies. But I would recommend you to know your needs. What ailments do you have? Do you want acupuncture targeting massage chairs? Or perhaps you want one with pain recovery mode?

Once you narrow down your requirements, making a choice will become much easier.

2. Does it offer heat therapy?

My elderly uncle wouldn’t go anywhere without his hot water bottle. It was a lifesaver for him. For the older generation, heat therapy can do wonders. It can make the pain go away quickly and efficiently and boost blood circulation. Winters are especially hard for elderlies so a massage chair with heat therapy is a good investment. It is not a wise choice for someone sensitive to high temperature and heat.

3. Power-Lift recliner: yay or nay?

Movability issues are part and parcel of old age. Elderlies especially face this issue when getting in and out of bed and chair. Power-Lift recliners are specifically designed to help old people move with ease. So it is a valuable feature to consider when buying the Best massage chair for the elderly. But remember, this will cost you some extra bucks.

4. Remote-Operated Massage chairs

Technology is such an amazing thing and the benefits it offers are unmatchable really. Massage chairs with

Remotes are beneficial for those elderly who have arthritis or are handicapped or have trouble getting up. 

You don’t want to reach for a handle every time you want to lean back.

Some chairs come with buttons and you just have to push them to activate different features. But having a remote-operated Massage chair for special need people is pretty handy.

5. Mind your height

A normal Massage chair can accommodate a person with a normal height and weight.

People with 6” inch height might want to consider extra-large massage chairs for a comfortable massage experience.

So if you are large, don’t forget to check out the dimensions of the chair you intend to buy.

We have done some serious research to come up with this list and you can be assured that all the products are best in their capacity. You won’t be disappointed if you choose any one of them. 

Massage Chairs for the Elderly – Conclusion

For elderly people, comfort, and ease of use matter most.

All the above-mentioned massage chairs are selected after extensive research.

You do not have to get confused with all the options in the market if you keep in mind all the points that are necessary for elderly massage chairs.

We highly recommend these chairs because they are the best massage chairs for the elderly in the market.

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