Best of Ugears Massage Chairs Review (Updated 2023)

Welcome to our article about Ugears massage chairs!

Before we get into the detailed reviews of the main Ugears massage chairs available on the market, let’s first go through the differences between the different models and some quick comparisons so you get an idea of the similarities and differences between them.

What’s The Difference Between the Ugears Massage Chairs?

We spent hours trawling through their official website, along with many other sources, and here are our conclusions about the models of Ugears massage chairs based on the information collected:

  • B-M1 and B-M2 models are the same, except one is brown and one is black
  • The B-L1 and B-L2 models are slightly different from each other.

Okay, with this in mind, let’s now look at a comparison table of the different models!

Ugears Massage Chairs Comparison Table

Please note that the features listed in the table below are indicative only, and don’t encompass the entire spectrum of features each chair has.

Each feature has varying degrees of quality and performance throughout the chairs.

For example, every chair features some sort of zero gravity function, however, zero gravity is much more advanced in the B-L2 model than it is in the B-M1 & B-M2 model.

As such, using the table below gives you an idea of how each chair performs, but make sure you also read the reviews to understand the features before deciding which one is right for you.

If you’re on mobile, scroll across the table with your finger!

B-M1 & B-M2
Chair Weight (lb)
Max User Weight (lb)
Seat Width (in)
Zero Gravity
Foot and Calves
Leg Length Adjustment
Smart Body Scan and Massage
SL Track
Thai Stretching
App Control


Ugears Massage Chairs Quick Summary

If you want a quick answer on which model will be right for you, here it is:

B-M1 & B-M2 Models: Offers a thorough and complete massage, utilizing full body massage, zero gravity, and space saving. This an excellent option for those looking for an affordable massage chair that will do the job.

B-L1: Excellent massage chair with a more sophisticated massage and a wide range of different massage techniques. This a good option for those who are willing to invest a bit more money for a quality massage that will tend to all points on the body.

B-L2: Excellent massage chair that offers sophisticated massage techniques, styles, and a high-tech anti-gravity system. Also includes luxury features such as app control and space-saving technology. I recommend this one for those willing to invest money in a whole-body relaxation experience instead of simply a massage chair.

Okay, now let’s get into the detailed reviews and pros and cons of each massage chair!

Ugears Massage Chair Reviews

Ugears B-M1 and B-M2 Massage Chair

ugears bm2 massage chair
Ugears B-M2 Model


The B-M1 and B-M2 are one of the few models of massage chairs that offer the closest thing to a professional massage therapist for an extremely affordable price.

Thanks to Ugears’ 8 stationary massage points located at the backrest, it automatically adjusts to different body types so that you get a thorough massage no matter what your size.

It is equipped with Ugears’ integrated linkage suspension system that puts the center of gravity on your glutes to ease the pressure on your spine and joints.

Its deep V-wrapped design promises complete relaxation to lessen physical and mental exhaustion and stress levels.

This massage chair comes with a seesaw structure design that adjusts automatically whatever your body type is. It is capable of giving you a variety of massages similar to what professional massage therapists do.

Its inflatable calves section allows for height adjustment for a wider massage range and depth.

Enjoy forward massages, reverse kneading, and other multiple combination methods of massaging. 

This massage chair also offers full-body air massage with its heat function that uses pinching methods that let you enjoy Tui Na massages.

The breathable airbags and two heating parts provide a luxurious and ultra-relaxing full-body massage.

Release all the stress and tension from your body with these zero-gravity massage and shiatsu chairs.

Enjoy a feeling of virtual weightlessness when you put the chair in the comfortable zero-gravity position. Once you do, the massage chair places the center of its gravity on your hips to lessen the strain on your spine.

These massage chairs have intelligent rollers that knead, heat, roll, vibrate and do combinations of these massages.

It has a seesaw structure design that adjusts automatically to the different curves of your body.

It operates on a heat therapy system that relaxes and soothes joints and muscles to help boost blood circulation and reduce aches and pains.

They are also equipped with Bluetooth speakers that allow you to enjoy music while in a relaxing massage session.

The footrest can adjust according to the user’s leg length, making it ideal for family use.

It has wheels on the bottom for easy maneuverability from room to room.

Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair

ugears bl1 massage chair
Ugears B-L1 Model


Not all zero gravity chairs are created the same; some like the Ugears B-L1 SL Track massage chair stand out.

This is because of its integrated linkage suspension system that places the center of gravity on your buttocks. This helps to relieve the pressure on your spine and joints and allows your heart to be lower than your legs.

The B-L1 also features three zero gravity positions including a deep zero gravity, something that the cheaper models don’t have. This makes it a great option for those struggling with lower back pain or low circulation.

This massage chair also offers a massage range that’s the largest in its category. It provides precise knocking, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, and many other massage types.

It comes with two heating devices to warm your waist.

The airbags help soothe aching shoulders, hips, and feet in a looping rhythm massage

Ugears B-L2 Massage Chair

ugears bl2 model
Ugears B-L2 Model


If you want to get the feeling of floating in space while relaxing in a massage chair, the B-L2 zero-gravity chair is the one for you.

It operates on Ugears’ integrated linkage suspension that puts gravity on your buttocks to reduce the pressure off your spine and joints.

It has a deep V-wrapped design that helps relieve mental and physical stress and exhaustion.

The B-L2 massage chair has an upgraded zero-gravity suspension that makes your heart lower than your legs. This lets you enjoy a massage in a completely relaxed posture, removing strain from your back and stimulating your circulation.

It comes with an APP shortcut key control that lets you operate the chair via your mobile phone – a feature that no other Ugears chair has.

It also has space-saving technology which means it only needs to be placed 2 inches away from a wall to recline properly. This is much smaller than the standard 9.5 inches most other massage chairs need, making it great for small apartments or spaces.

Ugears Massage Chairs: Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you learn all about Ugears massage chairs, and which model is the right one for you.

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