What Features Should You Look for in a Massage Chair?

Welcome to our article on What Features Should I Look for in a Massage Chair?

There are so many features of massage chairs in today’s market, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the process.

Hopefully, we can take the stress out of the decision by giving you some pointers.

Firstly we need to work out what exactly you want in a massage chair.

Questions to Ask

  • Are you a small person or a larger person?
  • What do you want from the chair?
  • Soothing, deep tissue, kneading, shiatsu, Swedish, Yoga Stretch etc?
  • Do you need an SL track?
  • How many airbags do you want?
  • Do you want the chair to have an inbuilt body scanner?
  • Do you need heat therapy?
  • Are you looking for Zero Gravity in the chair?
  • Are you constrained by a price factor?
  • Are head rests and foot massagers critical?
  • And so on…..

Let’s have a look at the different features.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity means the chair can be adjusted so that you feel like you are in a zero gravity position. Basically, it means there is no pressure on any part of your body. The spine is relaxed, circulation is improved. There are chairs that feature multiple gravity positions so you achieve the most beneficial angle for you.


Yes, size does matter when it comes to massage chairs. Most chairs will fit a smaller frame, however, if you are a larger or taller person then you need to consider the size of the chair.

If you are larger, but no necessarily taller then you will need a chair that will accommodate some width. Taller people need to ensure the chair will massage them from neck to buttocks if that is needed.

It is necessary to consider where the chair is going to go, and if it is easy to move if required. If space is limited, then look for a more compact chair.

Massage chairs now come in different colors, thankfully, other than black. Lighter colors may suit your decor better depending where the chair will be situated.


Check the number of rollers on the massage chairs. Ensure they are high quality, move side to side and up and down. You will enjoy a superior massage experience, if you take these features into account.

Body Scan Technology

This feature allows the chair to scan your body, detecting your size and shape so that the massage is targeted to areas requiring attention. The idea is to provide you with a more effective and comfortable experience.


Airbags act in a squeezing or compression motion. Check first whether the airbag feature is adjustable or you may find the compression too uncomfortable. Their purpose is to relieve muscle tension and help improve circulation. Airbags are usually located in the back, leg, and seat areas.

Massage Techniques

Think about the type of massage you want – be it Swedish style, kneading, rolling, yoga stretching or shiatsu. Different areas of your body may need different types of massage, and sometimes you may just want a gentler, soothing massage. The idea is that the chair mimics the experience of an actual professional therapist. If deep tissue massage is what you are looking for, then consider a model that kneads and taps. Shiatsu massage uses pressure points to relieve tension, providing relaxation as well.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can help relax muscles, increase blood circulation, and improve the quality of the massage. A chair that has heat pads in the back and seat areas is certainly one you want to consider.

So if you are considering purchasing a chair, think about what features you want. Normally the more features then the higher the price, but over the long run, paying a little more initially may be the way to go.

With the right massage chair you will enjoy all the benefits of being professionally massaged. If you can, look for a chair that has multiple programs, heat therapy pads, body scan technology, an excellent roller system, zero gravity and fits your budget.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on what features should you look for in a massage chairs.

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