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Which Brand of Massage Chair Is The Best

Welcome to our review of  Which Brand of Massage Chair is the Best. It is not a question that is easy to answer. There are many players in the massage chair market.

Some brands offer awesome customer service while others have revolutionary patented features.

Some brands are cheaper and of lower quality and some are of high quality.

Some brands constantly re-brand themselves to “reset” their reputation.

It’s kind of a deceptive practice and we want you to avoid that.

We’ve spent hours researching companies that sell massage chairs. We talked to their customer service, we’ve read all of the reviews, and have done extensive data analysis.

All this so you can find the best massage chair brand, and ultimately the best massage chair, for you.

Let’s begin.

Which Brand of Massage Chair is the Best – Kahuna

Kahuna is one of the market leaders in this space, offering affordable massage chairs packed with the latest technology. They’re overall one of the best massage chair brands we’ve reviewed for this article.

Their mission statement is Digitality (We’re not sure this is a word) and Pragmatism. Their “About Us” page is a little overdone and ambiguous but aside from that they stand for good workmanship and high-quality massage chairs.

We’ve called their customer service a handful of times. A woman or a man picks up the phone and greets you in a pleasant voice. They do not outsource their customer service off-shore. You’ll get someone who speaks English and knows the product line well. The gentleman helped me understand the difference between the SM and LM models.

We’ve compiled and analyzed Amazon Customer data on the most popular Kahuna models. These models include: SM-7300S, LM6800, SM 7300, LM 6800S, Hubot HM-078, and SM-9000.

The weighted average of stars on Amazon (At the time of this writing) for these products is 4.3, which is high.

Their most popular chair is the LM 6800; however, we recommend getting the LM 6800S, which has additional features for a slightly higher cost than the 6800.

Kahuna LM 6800S

Kahuna LM 6800S Massage Chair - which brand of massage chair is the best

Kahuna also has a handful of celebrity endorsements including Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, Laurence Fishburne, and Neil Patrick Harris.

best kahuna massage chair


Kahuna is a brand that stays true to itself and doesn’t keep rebranding itself like some of its competitors.

They have quality workmanship that you can visibly see in their massage chairs.

Another thing that is often overlooked and underappreciated is the aesthetics of a massage chair, the way it looks matters to me and most customers.

Kahuna’s chairs are very aesthetically pleasing, beautiful one might say.

Which Brand of Massage Chair is the Best? – Medical Breakthrough

The folks at MB worked at a chiropractic office and saw people suffer through many types of pain, especially shoulder and back pain.

They waited years for someone to develop a massage chair that would alleviate all types of pain…

It never came.

So they decided to make the perfect massage chair themselves. Thus Medical Breakthrough 6 V2 was born.

MB is the only massage chair on the market that is endorsed by medically licensed doctors.

To us, that makes them one of the best massage chair brands available today. Also, their overall review score on Amazon is outstanding:

The weighted average of reviews on Amazon is an astounding 4.91/5

Medical Breakthrough 6 V4

medical breakthrough massage chair

Top reasons to buy the MB 6 V4

  1. It’s the only massage chair endorsed by more than 25 doctors.
  2. It has more than 9 cultural massage influences, including Ancient Roman, Turkish, New Delhi, Swedish, and more.
  3. A ton of customization.

Which Brand of Massage Chair is The Best? – Real Relax

Real Relax is a relatively new company making quite a noise. They are the “new kid on the block” so to speak.

They’ve been around since 2015 when they produced their first massage chair: The Favor-01.

They are focused on creating affordable massage chairs. A majority of their popular models are relatively cheap (in the $500 – $1500 price range). They do have the platinum series, the PS-6000, and the PS-6500, which are luxury models.

The most popular model is the Real Relax Favor-06. It is by far the highest-rated chair on Amazon that Real Relax offers.

Real Relax Favor-06

Real Relax Favor-05 Massage Chair

Check Price Here!

One of the things I like about Real Relax chairs is that they have the latest technology including a 50+ inch SL-track that contours the spine, accommodation for bigger people (up to 6.5 feet), and app-enabled chairs (iOS or Android). They are constantly innovating so you can trust that the features on their chairs are the latest and greatest.


OOTORI is also a relatively new player in the massage chair industry. Their chairs are affordable because they ship directly from their factory. Retailers are not part of the supply chain, which means they pass the savings on to the customers.

OOTORI is the only brand that has pictures of its key staff members. It shows how confident they are in their product and that they are in it for the long haul.

Their chairs are the only ones on the market that are designed exclusively in Japan. When they build prototypes, know that it’s coming from a hub where competition is very fierce.

ootori massage chair design

They also have amazing customer service. I spoke with Martin, a customer representative and he helped me answer my question about where OOTORI’s warehouses were located. The answer was – Atlanta and Houston.

Most of their massage chairs combine vibrations, heat, roller massage, and air compression massage.

The most popular model that OOTORI offers is the RL900. This model features 3 stages of zero gravity, space-saving technology, adjustable shoulder width, and more.

I especially love the pressure and strength of this chair. It’s strong and effective, unlike cheap massage chairs on the market. It doesn’t feel like you’re being cheated out of features because the price is affordable.


OOTORI RL900 massage chair review

Our data analysis shows that the weighted average of Amazon reviews is 3.99 / 5. This is still very high considering they have a dozen of models including the Asuka and Nova models which make up the majority of their chairs.


Relaxonchair is a company headquartered in Anaheim, California. They specialize in meticulous testing, thus producing high-quality massage chairs. They are very adamant about customer satisfaction and will respond to any complaints that customers have about their purchases.

They are also factory direct, meaning they bypass retailers to pass the savings onto you, the customer.

When we spoke to Relaxonchair, they were very informative, recommending us a model of the chair (The MK-V), and told us about how they are passionate about producing affordable chairs without sacrificing features.

They also have nationwide service coverage, meaning a repair technician is located near you and is one call away from handling any issues you have with your massage chair.

Our data analysis shows that the weighted average of reviews on Amazon for all their chairs is:  4.34 / 5

The most beloved and highly rated chair by Relaxonchair is the MK-II Plus. It’s a full-body massage machine that’s got all the bells and whistles. It can accommodate all types of people; it’s specially made for American-sized users.

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus

Relaxonchair MK-11 massage chair

Check Price Here!

If we were to use three words to describe the MK-II, it would be…

Quiet. Powerful. Relaxing.

This chair provides deep tissue massage using a combination of different massages. It’s made for bigger and wider users. I especially like the computerized body scan because when my friends come over the chair will automatically adjust itself for each person’s body type.

They are also very responsive to customer feedback. In the past, many customers complained about the remote. In response to this, Relaxonchair redesigned the remote to bring a more intuitive massage experience to the users.

KTN Massage Chairs

KTN is OOTORI’s Amazon brand. OOTORI rebranded itself and is focusing more on promoting this brand.

This technique is also employed by Osaki/Titan chairs. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but as consumers, you should know that sometimes two brands are one of the same.

We like KTN’s massage chairs. They are moderately priced, super stylish, and provide deep tissue massages. Their chairs offer a lot of customization and you can expect quality faux leather on them.

We calculated the weighted average of reviews of KTN’s most popular Amazon listings. It was 3.99 / 5.

Their most popular model is the Asuka A900.

KTN Kaspuro A900

Asuka A900 Massage Chair Review


Check Price Here!

This massage chair has the look of an executive chair with the functions of a real massage therapist.

The PU leather is durable (will last 5 – 10 years), has a zero gravity feature, SL double tracks, and adjustable shoulder width and leg rest.

We love the quality of the workmanship of this chair. There’s no smell of cheapness or skimpiness about this chair.

It comes pre-assembled and has a body scan so people of all sizes can enjoy it!


BestMassage is an Amazon-exclusive massage chair. This means you won’t find their chairs anywhere but on Amazon.

Our data analysis indicates that they have a weighted average of 4.23 / 5 rating on Amazon.

They also have one of the cheapest fully-fledged massage chairs in the industry.

They have dozens of models under the EC product line, including EC161, EC06C, EC55, EC77, E730, and the E358.

One of our favorite things about BestMassage is the level of detail and imagery in their product description.

Because massage chairs can be an expensive investment, BestMassage makes sure that they are 100% transparent with what their chairs can and cannot do.

best massage chair brands

Example of BestMassage product description – it is super detailed!

The most popular massage chair that we recommend is the EC06C, it is one of the cheapest zero-gravity massage chairs on the market.

BestMassage EC06C

BestMassage EC06C Review

The EC06C combines heat therapy, compression massage, and roller technology to provide the massage.

Surprising to see so much technology and features at this price point.

The exterior finish looks clean and smooth; it’s covered in nice faux leather and the armrest and side panels have these wood-like pieces that add a nice touch to the aesthetics.

My favorite part of this chair is the zero gravity and air compression massage.

They only have 21 airbags which means there’s less noise from inflating and deflating.


Osaki has been in business for a long time. Their official business names are OTA World LLC and Titan World LLC. They rebranded themselves as Titan to expand their products to the American audience.

They are the most prolific massage chair makers. These guys have produced more than 70 models of massage chairs, each with a small variation in design and features. 

One thing we like about Osaki, and the main thing that makes them one of the best massage chair brands, is that its engineering department is constantly innovating.

In their newer models, they have significantly reduced the number of airbags to reduce overhead and noise. More airbags do not necessarily mean a better chair.

The weighted average of all the reviews on Amazon for their most popular chairs is 4.18 / 5.

They also ship directly from their warehouse located in Carrolton, Texas.

This means faster shipping and overall cheaper price (because there are no middlemen or retailers).

Their most popular Titan chair is the Apex AP – Pomp.

Osaki/Titan Apex AP

Titan Apex AP Pomp Massage Chair

The AP has all the latest massage technology bundled into one. Zero gravity, L-track roller design, heating, dual-action foot rollers, and more. 

This chair has reflexology-based foot rollers. It just goes to show the amount of effort Osaki puts into their chair.

The best Osaki model chair is the OS-4000T.


Titan OS-4000T massage Chair

Using a sophisticated roller design, the OS-4000T mimics the human thumb very well compared to its competitors.

It’s got a computerized body scan that will optimize the movement of the rollers (if you’re short it won’t go past your head).

It’s also got next-generation air compression technology, which minimizes the number of airbags without sacrificing coverage.

Human Touch

Human Touch is a luxury massage chair maker with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

They work with medical practitioners and world-class athletes to bring forth award-winning designs.

The weighted average of all the reviews on Amazon for their most popular chairs is 3.94/5.

They are also one of the few massage equipment brands that have a dedicated staff of experts and salesmen who can help you pick out the perfect product for your situation.

Their chair models include the Perfect Chair, Gravis ZG chair, Sana, Super Novo, Reflex5s, the Reflex SWING pro, and more.

Most of their massage chairs are expensive but rightfully so. Some of their models have “virtual therapists.” These are connected to smart speakers like Alexa and can react to voice commands.

You can expect top-notch features like a real premium sound system by Altec Lansing and 4D automatic programs.

Human Touch 100-SNOVO-021 Super Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch 100-SNOVO-021 Super Novo Massage Chair

The Super Novo massage chair is the Rolls Royce of massage chairs. This thing reeks of luxury in every facet.

It is the first massage chair to integrate with a smart speaker, specifically Alexa. Simply say “Alexa, ask my Novo to give me a massage” for an instant massage.

My favorite part about this chair is the variable speed at which the rollers move across the track. Other massage chairs utilize constant speed but the Super Novo goes the extra length to make the speed variable to better emulate a real massage therapist.

It also has Altec Lansing Premium sound speakers so you don’t have to settle for cheap speakers compared to other speakers.


Panasonic is a company that invented the word “Zengineer” which is the art of using ancient holistic techniques combined with state-of-the-art technology. They are at the forefront of technology without sacrificing the value of the past.

Panasonic specializes in simulating the touch of a massage therapist as closely as possible using breakthrough technology. As a result, their chairs carry quite a hefty price tag.

They have a handful of models including the MA10, MA70, MA73, and MAJ7.


Panasonic Massage Chair

Check Price Here!


The MA-73 has a combined total of more than 110 manual combinations of massages. This includes massage techniques such as kneading, ultra kneading, Shiatsu, Swedish, and rolling/tapping. It has a total of 10 different kneading programs, most of which are targeting a specific portion of the body.

The heating comes from the rollers themselves so you feel the heat move along your body just like how it would feel from a massage therapist.

My favorite part of this chair is the advanced body scan feature. It uses pressure sensors (not many massage chairs do) to create a virtual mapping of the body. The rollers can adjust accordingly to your body and provide a catered massage experience.

Buy Here Now!


It’s hard to talk about massage chair brands without talking about Luraco. They have a list of things (good) only their massage brands do. Their massage chairs are the only ones that:

  • Run on a powerful operating system (OS)
  • Accommodates up to 6’7” and weighs up to 300 lbs – American-sized chairs.
  • Uses real genuine leather (not polyurethane or faux leather)
  • Human Voice response in 7 languages (Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, French, and English).

The list goes on… They have more than 32 US and International Patents.

They have three model chairs: the iRobotics 7 Plus (i7), L-track Legend Plus, and Sofy.

The iRobotics 7 i7 received numerous awards from Residential Systems, Innovation & Tech, Today Magazine, Tech Guru, and the International Consumer Electronics Show.

They are the only brand whose massage chairs have been proven by scientific studies by an independent research institute. This study was done by Weber State University by Dr. Michael Olphin, Ph.D.

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS

luraco massage chair


  • Powerful OS
  • Accommodate up to 6’7” in height / 300 lbs in weight.
  • Noise reduction makes it one of the quietest massage chairs in the world
  • Real genuine leather on all surfaces
  • Full body heat (seat, back, and feet)


  • Expensive


Infinity is all about removing restrictions in customer’s daily life. They’ve invented a word for what they do: unlimited.

Their massage chairs are focused on 6 different categories of wellness: athletic recovery, easing back pain, restful sleep, improving circulation, jump-starting your day, and winning the stress war.

Their most popular models include the IT-8500 X3, Evolution, and the Riage X3.

Most of their chairs are made out of high-quality material and are loaded with modern features. They do not have the budget or low-priced models.

Infinity specializes in catering to smaller, petite-sized users. Their Altera model will accommodate users from 4 feet 6 inches, which makes it the best massage chair for petite people.

Infinity Altera

Infinity Altera massage chair review


  • The largest range of height accommodation: 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches
  • Long L-track spanning 49 inches
  • Reflexology-designed foot rollers
  • Effective body scanning (unlike other chairs that just beep boop and do nothing)
  • Strong deep-tissue massage


  • Expensive

iDeal Massage Chair

An iDeal massage chair is an Amazon-exclusive brand, meaning they do not have any other storefront other than Amazon.

They only have a few models of massage chairs and are known for their affordable prices.

iDeal Shiatsu Massage Chair

iDeal Shiatsu Massage Chair review


  • One of the longest SL tracks on the market
  • Body Scan capability with auto height detection
  • Acupressure calf massage and rolling foot massage – 6-inch leg extension
  • Easy assembly


  • Doesn’t rough you up – it’s not super strong
  • Arms occasionally slip out of the arm slot

Best Massage Chair Brands – Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our rundown of the best massage chair brands is available today. You can’t go wrong with any of these brands, however choosing the right one for you comes down to your needs, any pain that you have, and your budget. 

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