Best Massage Zero Gravity Chair

Welcome to our review of the Best Massage Zero Gravity Chair. The “Best Massage” is the cheapest zero-gravity chair we’ve ever seen. That’s quite a bold statement, but it’s true.

Best Massage Zero Gravity Chair Introduction:

BestMassage is an Amazon-exclusive brand. They are not to be confused with the retailer store front They mainly sell massage chairs and tables.

Although it does not include foot rollers, this cheap zero-gravity massage chair is jam-packed with features like zero gravity, air compression massage with heat, and many massage modes. 

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Let’s dive into the features and benefits.

Best Massage Zero Gravity Chair Features and Benefits:

The first thing you notice about this chair is that it is slim. It’s not one of those bulky massage chairs that don’t fit through doors and require the help of 3 strong individuals.

This is especially nice for those who live in narrow hallway apartments.

You would think that an affordable zero-gravity chair would not have an L-track. But it does. It will massage from your upper back down to your butt.

Two pairs of rollers are used to move across this track to ultimately provide the massage.

Although the description says there are 7 massage modes, there are 6 (kneading, rock, shiatsu, tapping, knocking, and kneading & tapping).

They count air pressure and heating as one which is technically true.

The air compression massage feels good. The airbags are located in the seat (to target hips and butt) and in the thighs and calves.

[amazon table=”1834″]

The transition into zero gravity is smooth and makes you feel weightless. This gives several health benefits like decompressing your spine and lowering your blood pressure.

It’s one of the more sought features and it’s a bargain to get it at this price!

The control panel or an embedded remote is located on the right side of the armrest.

It’s pretty simple, it has a couple of buttons and a USB charging port for those who want to charge their phone.

Unfortunately, the USB port position is facing upwards instead of sideways, which is typically more natural and doesn’t put stress on the cord.

Although a lot smaller, this massage chair accommodates taller people (6 feet 2 inches +) pretty adequately.

You might have to slightly adjust yourself by sitting more upright to get the most out of the rollers. On the flip side, if it’s too strong you can always dampen it with a towel.

The massage itself is pretty strong to the point where you might get sore if you’re not used to it. Also, the heat does get pretty warm so be prepared for that.

The headrest is removable. It’s a great option for those who prefer a deeper massage.

Many customers who have herniated lumbar discs or sciatica report this eases and relieves their pain.

One thing we caution people about is that this company only delivers curbside.

They offer a premium service (white glove delivery) for an additional price. So if you don’t want to pay extra, make sure you are prepared when it arrives.

The Bluetooth speakers are so-so and are nice for setting up an ambiance. I prefer silence but those who have noisy surroundings can drown out the background noise with their favorite tunes.

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